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Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate

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Why You Should Choose IRO

The IRO Group has been based in Shandong, China for 18 years. Our mission is to provide the most complete and comprehensive chemical services, diversified to offer our clients the proper chemical consult to reach low costs and high profits.   We work to be highly specialized in all areas of alginates, biocides, coating additives, chelating agents, oil drilling chemicals, and water treatment chemicals.   We aim to serve in the best interest of the client, to provide the foundation for a lifelong relationship based on trust and integrity Our mission is to be accountable, to be dedicated to your success, to perform and to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients Our goal is to be the benchmark for excellence in every aspect of our business. We will strive to deliver excellent service through an uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement  

Our Vision

To be the trusted advisor in all areas of stewardship for you and your company.  

Our Mission

To enhance our customers' financial position, to reach goals by providing the very highest quality products and services possible. Our customer support strategy is based upon total, no-compromise customer satisfaction and we continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date value-added solutions to meet our customers' needs. We value above all our long-term customer relations.  

Our Strategy

To continually search for efficient products, manage risks, search for opportunities, enhance systems, and utilize the best of technology to have the edge. We help you establish goals that are quantifiable, consistent, realistic and achievable.  

Our Positioning

We are constantly investing in our systems, our staff, the relentless pursuit of education and excellence, the perfecting processes, identifying new companies, researches, strategies, to ultimately pursue success in all areas of your industry.  

Our Principles

Integrity - We establish client relationships based on trust, highest standards of personal & professional ethics, advanced education and superior client service.   Client Focus - We provide the broadest range and highest quality of products and services, develop and maintain long term relationships by actively listening to clients and conveying loyalty, offer individual service, and supply value-added services.

Elements Create Endless Possibilities

Company Profile

IRO Group are specialized in the chemical production. While focusing on manufacturing, IRO devotes itself to be the workshop for global market...

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