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High Demand Boosts Israel’s Chemical Industry

UBS recently said that according to the latest survey of the global fertilizer industry. The global demand for potassium carbonate and potassium phosphate is growing, driven by the demand for biofuels in the United States. These two products serve as the main products of Israel Chemicals Group. The company’s share price is expected to grow ….  Read More

China Is The Largest Victim of Global Anti-dumping

China Is The Largest Victim of Global Anti-dumping In the second half of 2006, there were 103 new cases of external anti-dumping investigations by 19 WTO members, as revealed in the semi-annual report recently released by the WTO Anti-Dumping Committee. A slight increase over the same period last year. Among them, 66 external final anti-dumping ….  Read More

Can The Recovery of The Raw Material Market Drive The PolyetherPolyol Market

Recently, driven by international crude oil prices, propylene prices, which had fallen to a low point in the previous period, began to rebound. The rebound of propylene makes the previous price all the way down PO, PolyetherPolyol (PPG) gradually show a stable market. But can the market price also rebound with the same raw materials? ….  Read More

BASF and MarkorChem’s BDO Production Plant Will Be Put into Operation

In a few days, the joint venture between BASF, a Fortune 500 company, and MarkorChem Co. This is also the first joint venture between this Fortune 500 company and the Chinese private sector in the chemical industry. It will realize the breakthrough of processing fine chemical industry with natural gas as fuel in Xinjiang, and ….  Read More

China Should Make Careful Decisions on Coal-to-oil Projects

The State Council recently held a meeting on renewable energy sources revealed. China will stop the coal chemical projects and grain ethanol fuel projects under construction. It still insists on developing non-food fuel ethanol under the principle that no arable land shall be occupied, no food shall be consumed and no ecological environment shall be ….  Read More

DuPont and Tate & Lyle UK Joint Venture to Make Biomass Polymers from Corn

DuPont and Tate & Lyle, a British agro-processing company, have joined forces to produce biomass polymers from corn to replace petroleum-derived polymers, which began shipping in November and are better than petrochemical polymers, more environmentally friendly and economical, and more versatile. This biotechnology has been hailed as the most important invention since the introduction of ….  Read More

“SunPower” Aircraft Will Be Tested to Fly in Africa

The innovative solar-powered aircraft “SunPower” will attempt its longest flight ever – from Switzerland to Africa. As an official partner of the SunPower, Bayer MaterialScience, with its expertise, high-tech polymer materials and energy-efficient lightweight materials, will help the project, which originated in Switzerland, to realize its dream of a fuel-free, round-the-world, day and night flight. ….  Read More

Bactericides Commonly Used in Water Treatment

Bactericides commonly used in water treatment With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, water treatment technology is also widely used. All kinds of water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals came into being. Of course, fungicides are indispensable. Its role can help us make sewage healthy and harmless. Therefore, the bactericide and algicide in water ….  Read More

Characteristics and Notice of EDTA Disodium

EDTA disodium a good compound. It has six coordinated atoms, forming a complex called chelate. EDTA is often used in coordinated titration. It usually determines the content of metal ions. EDTA plays an important role in dyeing, food, medicine and other industries. It is mainly used as complexing agent. Characteristics and precautions of EDTA disodium ….  Read More