Xinjiang Oilfield Polymer Drive Industrialization Test Begins to Show Results

The industrial polymer flooding test of Kesha Formation reservoir in Qidong 1 area of the second Production Plant of Xinjiang Oilfield has preliminarily achieved polymer injection effect. By June 5th six Wells were pumping 76 tonnes of oil a day, up from 34 tonnes before the injection. One well is producing 40 tons of oil per day, up from 4.6 tons before polymer injection. The comprehensive moisture content decreased from 85% to 20%.

XinJiang Oilfield

The industrialization test of polymer flooding in Xinjiang oilfield is one of the major development test projects of CNPC.

Karamay oil field is mostly a conglomerate oil reservoir. Exploitation has entered the middle and late stages. At present, there are many difficulties, such as high comprehensive water cuts, complicated distribution of remaining oil, and difficult to increase and stabilize production.

According to CNPC’s second EOR potential evaluation, the Karamay field has 85 reservoirs suitable for polymer flooding. Oil recovery can increase by 6% to 17%.

Various conglomerate reservoirs were screened for their physical properties, heterogeneity, and depth. The industrial test of polymer flooding is determined to be carried out in the Kesha Formation reservoir of Qidong #1 area with good physical properties.

Leading edge water flooding tests began in June 2005 and polymer injection began in September 2006. The Kexia Formation reservoir in Qidong #1 block was put into development at the end of 1958. Water injection began at the end of 1960.

Before the three-production test, the recovery degree of the reservoir was 33.33%. The comprehensive water cut has reached 78.3%.

During the trial, the project researchers combined the current well pattern and surface injection and production network layout in the test area. Develop a polymer oil displacement formula system. A suitable oil displacement technology is provided for the industrial expansion test of chemical flooding in this area.

At present, 9 Wells and 16 oil Wells have been put on the block. A preliminary polymer injection effect was observed in the experimental area. It is the earliest time to see the effect of polymer injection in similar experiments. The polymer flooding test will provide the basis for the industrial application of polymer flooding in the Karamay conglomerate reservoir with the deepening of the work.